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Cy Young Industries, Inc., fondly remembered in Kansas City as "Cy Young Hardware," was founded in 1948 by Charles "Cy" Young.  He and his wife Gertrude prided themselves on raising a family of entreprenuers. Their youngest son, Rick Young, carried on this family tradition of ever-growing knowledge and expertise. Rick owned his own branch of the family business as a custom upholsterer and antique restoration expert. As his business grew and evolved, so did his imagination. As a patron to both the cinema and theatre, Rick recognized a need in those industries to enhance the overall experience. This lead to the invention and patent of the first plastic cup holder armrest that swept the cinema market nationally. Drawing on his experience of custom upholstery, Rick and his wife Carrie introduced a concept of renovation and refurbishment while the facility "sleeps." Having owned her own sucessful real estate company, Carrie brought her savvy business sense and expertise to the table when they joined forces and made Cy Young Industries, Inc what it is today.

CYI is an industry expert on public seat renovation. Growing their business to become an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and own over 100 molds and dies to produce components for the remanufacturing of public assembly seating. We produce our parts from our injection, blow and rotational molds, as well as cold-molded foams and several stamping dies. As demand for componentry grows, subsequent tooling is being developed for vintage seating and parts for chairs that still exist, but are hard to find.

CYI currently employs three generations of the Young Family. The Cy Young Family is well-rooted in Kansas City and there are many branches with many members that are self-employed, having carried on Cy's character and vision for several generations.

Cy Young Industries, Inc. is an "Owner Operated" corporation where we own our real estate and are closely held, with owner presence on every project as a MUST. We are committed to continued growth, and pride ourselves in offering
our customers excellent service and quality products at affordable prices!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to helping you!

Rick & Carrie Young
Cy Young Industries, Inc.

Cy Young Hardware
Kansas City, MO

Charles "Cy" Young
Cy Young Hardware, Kansas City MO