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The services we offer include installation of new seating, full or partial renovation of fixed or portable seating, or a combination of both!  The choice is completely up to you based on your individual needs! Cy Young's focus is to provide the best solutions to our customers by recognizing that each venue and situation is unique. Our experienced installers can serve your needs with a quality job at your facility, while working around your event or construction schedule. Whether your needs are a full renovation with new powder coat painting, a complete remanufacturing of your existing chairs, new seating, or just a refresh with new upholstery, CYI has been the company to turn to for over 40 years!

We understand your need to keep your facility "marketable," and having clean, updated and functioning seats is the key. Some of our clients benefit from a full renovation of their current seating, and some prefer a partial renovation combined  with new chairs for their facility. We have found that, once we complete the "re-manufacturing" of your chairs, most customers believe they have a superior product to the original. We manufacture our own components to perform each phase of the process, so you can trust that we'll stand behind our products - plus you'll save money by buying directly from CYI, the manufacturer!

Our seating renovation process starts with removing all of the upholstered cushion inserts from the metal or plastic seat & back frames. Then, all the old fabric and foam is removed and replaced with new foam and your choice of fabric. If you opt for it, we can also refinish all metal parts and refinish your wood armrests to make them like new again!

When it comes to renovation, we have many options to choose from:

We'll come to you!  Your renovation takes place completely on-site, within your venue. With our custom on-site process, we provide a renovation option that requires no loss of seating, downtime or interruption to scheduled events. We completely work around your schedule...
"while your facility sleeps!"

If an on-site process isn't the best option for you, we can always come to your venue to remove your seats and bring them back to our factory in Kansas City to renovate them. Once they are refurbished, we simply re-install the seats back to their exact layout. 

Another option is to HELP US with the renovation process by rotating your attic stock! Pull out those extra seats from storage and ship them to us - we'll start with those. Then we'll send them back to you for your staff to swap out with seats from your venue. While this may require some thought and a little bit of labor, it is a great option for facilities that have busy schedules and can allow some seating to be renovated on a rotating basis.  This allows you to set the pace for your renovation, while working with your schedule and renovating your seating little by little. Don't worry - We will work with you to rotate and renovate your seating seamlessly to avoid any loss of revenue or unusable seating.


We can simply ship the components directly to you for your staff to change out the covers, foam, & mechanics yourself. If you just need a few seats freshened up, this may be a good option for your facility!

Some of our clients are in need of a complete restoration to meet historic preservation requirements. Instead of updating with more modern fabrics & finishes, we offer the option to simply refurbish your chairs and bring their beautiful history back to life! In which case, we can restore your seats to their former glory.

Some elect to have all new chairs installed in their venue.  If NEW is for you, we can help guide you through selecting the right seating for your facility!  CYI represents several manufacturers for new seating, foam & fabric for you to choose from. And, with all of our years in the business, we have gained a large network of friends and resources in the seating industry.

Re-upholstery may be all you need!  If you are just looking for a "refreshed" look, this can be done at a relatively low cost by simply changing out the foam and fabric on your chairs!  We have several fabric options for you to choose from, and we will gladly provide you with fabric samples to view in your venue. We understand that, just like paint color, you need to have a hands-on experience when choosing your fabric!


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