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Cy Young Industries, Inc.

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Cy Young Industries, Inc.

Our Mission

Cy Young Industries' mission is to provide our customers with quality products, service, and workmanship while striving for integrity to better serve our customers' needs year after year.

Buy direct from the manufacturer!

Whether it's Stack or Folding Chairs, Fixed Seating or Custom Logo Fabrics for sponsorship, we've got you covered!  Unlike many, we are NOT just a dealer...
We manufacture our own products and proudly stand behind all of our work!

Here's just a few of the many things we can help you with:

Cy Young Industries, Inc.


Civic & Convention Centers

Education, Lecture & Conference

Home Theater

Screening & Media Rooms

Performing Arts Centers

Stadiums & Arenas


Cy Young Industries, Inc.


ADA & Safety Covers

Booster Seats

Bushings, Bumpers & Springs

Concession & Tablet Trays

Covers, Foam & Fabrics

Cup Holder Armrests

New Chairs

Cy Young Industries, Inc.


"DYI" - Do It Yourself Kits

Full On-Site Seating Renovation

In-House/Factory Renovation

Upholstery/Custom Chair Covers

Foam & Component Replacement

Restoration & Repair