Coming to a Seat Near You

Coming to a Seat Near You

Comprehensive Public Seating Solutions for Your Venue!

A Closer Look at Our Original Public Seating Designs

Take a closer look at our product line and refresh your seating with a DIY package or we can assist your facility seating with a Cy Young renovation. We work with your budget, not ours! When working with us, you are working direct with a manufacturer-even down to the cupholders! We make obsolete and older parts that are no longer on the market. We can rebuild the internal components of your seat with hinges, new springs, bushings and bumpers. Just a mention-ADA and Safety Covers, Booster Seats, Concession Trays, and many other private message products.

Our Products

A large auditorium with blue seats and white chairs.
A close up of the word reserved on a chair

Comprehensive Seating Solutions for your Venue!

We can perform the repairs for you and we can also train your staff on how to maintain a working seat! Being a sales and service company, we can re-manufacture your seating or assist with just maintaining the aesthetics of your seating, your choice. We offer logo covers and private message. We can upgrade your facility with new seating or sometimes a combination of both new and renovated.

A large auditorium with rows of seats in it.
A large auditorium with rows of seats in it.